DriDanube – Drought Risk in the Danube Region

The project aimed at increasing the resilience of the society to the occurrence of drought in the Danube region, by developing a multifaceted tool for drought monitoring based on latest technology, and by
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European Drought Observatory

European Drought Observatory (EDO) is an online tool for European early warning, monitoring and forecasting of drought and its impacts, based on satellite data, hydro-meteorological modelling and in-situ observa
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National Reporting Network

National reporting network (NRN) acts as a way of drought impact assessment carried out through regular observations, which helps to deliver early awareness of drought damage in place.
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Agrometeorological forecast – “tractors”

It is an open region-specific online tool that delivers forecast of agrometeorological variables in each of the 15 (meteorological) regions across Slovenia.
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Drought Watch

Drought Watch tool is an open interactive web application that allows a harmonised view on changing drought conditions across the entire Danube region, and wider.
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