Vacant buildings in the Dolomiti Live region: identifying problems

The initial assessment serves as a start for a second phase of awareness raising and the creation of a joint publication, which will be realised in a further project.
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Wetlands in the Dolomiti Live Region

The complex system of watercourses, stillwaters, bogs and other wetlands of the Dolomites and East Tyrol is a wealth for the community living in the area: they are biotopes of great landscape value, providing important ecosystem services and hosti
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Green Spaces in Villages

In Alto Bellunese, the municipality of Perarolo will organise further education courses on the cultivation, use and processing of medicinal herbs and plants from the Alpine region.
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Best practices of soil management in the Alpine region - Link4Soils

Soil is the basis of terrestrial ecosystems. It is a fundamental natural resource. In the past, soil was primarily considered and evaluated in terms of its suitability for agriculture and forestry.
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Village renewal in Tyrol

Village renewal is the term used to describe subsidised programmes that are intended to improve the structural, traffic and cultural conditions in villages. The Village Renewal Tyrol consists of 8 modules:
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Kasperhof in Patsch (Tyrol)

The building "Kasperhof" in Patsch in Tyrol from the 17th century - with a usable area of just under 650m² - is subject to the protection of the townscape and stood empty for twenty years.
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