GeoGr – Geodata of the canton Graubünden

GeoGR AG operates the central geodata hub for the canton of Graubünden on behalf of the canton. Users of the online database can view various public geodata, call up information and print out maps.
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Integrated River Basin Management Inn

The Integrated River Basin Management Inn was started as a pilot project financed by the FOEN for the Canton of Graubünden. Through the Interreg Alpine Space project SPARE, the process could be additionally initiated through methodological and par
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Revitalization of a small river and peatland restoration

The peatland plain, which was drained after World War II, has a high potential for saving CO2 emissions. This was investigated in a study by WSL 2017. A revitalisation project of the peatlands and the stream flowing in the plain was prepared.
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