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Climate Strategy -South Tyrol Energy 2050

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South Tyrol Energy 2050 charts out the course of how South Tyrol can develop into an internationally recognized KlimaLand and sustainably shape its approach to energy. This strategic document highlights, on the one hand, the starting situation in the transport sector, private households and economy in South Tyrol and the results achieved to date; on the other, it illustrates the energy policy strategies and how the vision for a sustainable future can be implemented in South Tyrol.


South Tyrol Energy 2050 is based on an overarching vision, corresponding principles and milestones as well as on packages of measures that are to be revised and expanded from time to time. The targets and measures set forth in the strategic document chart out the path for the next four decades. This time frame has been chosen deliberately. Scientific knowledge on climate protection and on the remaining quantity of fossil fuels offers us today an adequate safety margin to allow for quantitative propositions on the desired final outcome. Internationally recognized, quantitatively defined targets for energy consumption and CO2 emissions are the foundation for the implementation of the strategy.

The implementation of a vision for a sustainable management of energy in South Tyrol will be carried out in several stages (Fig. 2–2, pag 17), each of which will be followed by an assessment of the progress achieved and of the further course of action for implementation. That will make it possible to make adjustments to incorporate innovations or new scientific knowledge without loosing sight of the longterm orientation. The long period of reference requires that milestones be set. This way it is easier to monitor implementation and to adjust, supplement and expand measures from time to time. Intermediate evaluations and a redefinition of measures should take place at least every five years.

South Tyrol Energy 2050 is based on the principles of a comprehensively sustainable development of the Province and implements the decisions on sustainable development set forth in international treaties and agreements.

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