Public Institute, Maribor, Slovenia

The Institute of Agriculture and Forestry of Maribor is a public institute established by the Slovene Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry (a non-governmental farmer organization). The Institute has a reputation and long tradition in the development of Slovene agriculture and performs advisory, educational, research, analysis and study functions, providing innovative solutions, which have improved agricultural products and processes. By researching, advising and developing good agricultural practices it aims to protect environmental resources, preserve biodiversity and the natural and cultural heritage and support sustainable rural development in the region.

Research center, San Michele all'Adige (TN), Italy

FEM was established as the School of Agriculture (AI) of San Michele all’Adige in 1874, aimed at training qualified farmers. The Edmund Mach Foundation promotes and carries out research, scientific trials, education and training activities, as well as providing technical assistance and broad-ranging services to companies. These activities are aimed at promoting cultural and socio-economic growth in the agricultural sector and at developing the forestry and agri-food systems, with a special focus on safeguarding the environment and land use in the Trentino region.

National authority, Wien, Austria

An institution working in the field of environmental research and implementation, its experts provide the basis for decision making at local, regional and international level. Its focus is primarily on climate (development of environmentally friendly forms of business), circular economy (ecologically sustainable processes, production, recycling processes) and biodiversity (protecting biodiversity to protect livelihoods).

The Department for Soil and Land Management at UBA has many years of experience in the field of soil protection and in the development of new concepts and measures in agricultural land use.

Association, Bozen, Italy

Plattform Land is a South Tyrolean alliance for living rural areas and intelligent land use. It was founded as a “community of interest”, in autumn 2013, by the South Tyrolean Farmers’ Association and the Association of Municipalities. Close networking and cooperation with organisations from abroad, especially in the Alpine region, is being sought, as well as with other partners from South Tyrol. Two expert advisory boards called “Rural Area” and “Intelligent Land Use” have been set up and support the members with expertise. The partner has good ties to the chamber of architects and coordinates the management of empty buildings/spaces in South Tyrolean communities. Furthermore it is member of the advisory board accompanying the new spatial planning l

University, Milan, Italy

The Mountain University (UNIMONT) is an innovative research centre of the University of Milan, specialized in the study of mountain areas and related issues. Through its study programmes, aimed at training experts with specific competences on mountain issues and a considerable amount of research activity, it intends to promote the conservation and sustainable development of mountain areas, with a special focus on preventing hydrogeological instability, safeguarding water resources, preserving socio-cultural and biological diversity, the production of high-quality specialty food products and preserving the landscape by developing sustainable tourism.

Foundation, Zernez, Switzerland

The Foundation Pro Terra Engiadina is a large foundation established in 2009. It has set itself the goal of preserving and promoting all facets of the Lower Engadine, characterized by a unique landscape and nature, as well as a diverse culture. It is involved in different European projects dealing with the enhancement of biodiversity, with a focus on Green Infrastructure. The Foundation Pro Terra Engiadina is also responsible for the pilot Rhaetian Triangle region of the Alpine Convention.