i4a final conference

Impuls4Action final conference

Water use, inner development and peatlands are connected and influence our daily life in the EUSALP area and beyond. In times of climate crisis the Alps are even more affected and  therefore vulnerable. What could be done at regional level to respect and use our Alpine soils for future generations in a sustainable way, thus respecting economic, social and ecological balance? Find here programme, presentations and press release of the final congress of “Impuls4Action“ fom 20th of May 2021:



1 “It‘s time to act locally on our Alpine soils” Prof Bogataj

2 Impuls4action_Klemencic

3 Toolbox_Impuls4action_Sala

4 szenarios Gretter_Battistel

5 smart villages_Egger

6 project ADO_Greifeneder


Press release