About us



The Impuls4Action project aims to trigger actions to support sustainable development on all levels by providing appropriate tools, raising awareness and finding new models for sustainable soil protection in the Alps. Climate crisis increases the need for integrative activities and tailor-made tools for soil protection and Green Infrastructure (GI) development.

In three thematic pilot cases, namely, Water management, Inner Development and Peatlands, with different impact paths on soils, the project aims to collect data for the “LESS LAND TAKE” toolbox. Workshops have been organised to investigate the needs of the target groups and relevant stakeholders and provide the basis for the structure of the toolbox, which is the part of the Platform of Knowledge (PoK).

Awareness-raising events in the pilot areas trigger actions to contain land take through inner development (e.g. re-use and regeneration of settlements), to promote water management specific to Alpine soils and to create preconditions for the restoration and maintenance of multi-functional peatlands.

The establishment of the toolbox merges the existing information, integrates the results of on-going projects and creates cooperation, by way of initiatives ranging from awareness-raising events to the involvement of all the stakeholders concerned. The comprehensive approach to sustainable soil protection is based on dialogue among the different stakeholders, target groups and policy makers, at local and regional level, and helps improve mutual understanding and harmonize interests.

Impuls4Action increases the quality of life in the Alps for the current and future generations.